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Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 English Dubbed

First Time Exchanging Blows! Android 17 vs Goku!

On their way to the island where No. 17 is working, Dende explains that since the conclusion of the Cell Games, No. 17 has started a family and gotten far stronger. Dende also reveals that Kid Buu has reincarnated as a young Earthling with massive fighting potential and asks Goku to train him when he is old enough. They reach the island as Goku arrives just in time to witness No. 17 defeat a group of armed poachers. As they introduce themselves to each other, a large army of poachers arrive. Goku and No. 17 team up to subdue them all. Afterwards, No. 17 explains that the poachers are after the last Minotaurus in order to steal its rare and valuable horns. The two decide to have a sparring match. No. 17 evenly matches Super Saiyan Goku, which causes him to turn Super Saiyan Blue. Goku launches a Kamehameha at No. 17, who easily deflects it with an energy shield. The two go toe-to-toe until No. 17 ends the match in order to avoid catching the island in the crossfire. Goku and No. 17 acknowledge that they were both holding back in the fight. Afterwards, Goku attempts to convince him to join the Tournament of Power, but No. 17 is uninterested. He remains indifferent even when Goku reveals that the losing universes will be erased. Meanwhile, alien poachers arrive on Earth and they set their sights on the Minotaurus.

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