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Dragon Ball Z Lord Slug English Dubbed (Movie 4)

Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, also known by its Japanese title Dragon Ball Z: Son Goku the Super Saiyan, is a 1991 Japanese animated science fiction action-adventure film and the fourth Dragon Ball Z feature movie. It was originally released in Japan on March 9 between episodes 81 and 82 at the Toei Anime Fair as part of a double feature with the first Magical Tarurūto-kun movie. An American English dub was produced by Funimation and released to VHS and DVD on August 7, 2001. Two other English dubs were also produced, one in France by AB Groupe done for European markets which was released under the misspelt title Super Saiya Son Goku, and another one for a Malaysian VCD release by Speedy Video which had the title Super Saiya People, Goku

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