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Dragon Ball Z Dead Zone Movie English Dubbed (MOVIE 1)


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Dragon Ball Z Dead Zone Movie

Gohan is kidnapped! The evil Garlic Junior is gathering the Dragonball to wish for immortality. Only then will Garlic Junior be able to take over the Earth to gain revenge for his father’s death.

The film opens with Piccolo being attacked and supposedly killed by a group of shadowed fighters. Chi-Chi along with her father, Ox King, and Gohan are attacked by the same group. Goku is out fishing during the attack and after sensing danger, he returns only to find his son has been kidnapped. The group responsible for the attack are Garlic Jr.’s henchmen, and it is later revealed that their reason for kidnapping Gohan was to retrieve the four-star Dragon Ball that was attached to his hat. After gathering the remaining Dragon Balls, Garlic Jr.

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